Heineken Green Space

Stagedesign for Heineken Green Space at the Casino Baumgarten, Vienna

Heineken Green Space hosted a club event at Casino Baumgarten, a magnificent and historic venue in the 14th district of Vienna. The party crowd was a vibrant mix of young trendsetters and urban opinion leaders (by invitation only).
We conceptualized the stage set up for this exclusive event. As the basic element for the stage design we used green Heineken beer crates. The beer crates were converted to luminaries by attaching a diffuser surface to the front side and installing a DMX controllable LED fixture on the inside. To create the scenery, the elements were piled up on stage. Owing to the DMX technology, every single beer crate could be selected individually during the visual live performance. The range of colors used for the performance corresponded to Heineken's corporate colors with mainly different shades of green and some white accents as well as red for highlights.
The urban elements of the stage design built an interesting contrast to Casino Baumgarten's pretentious architecture which created the ideal atmosphere for this edgy yet classy event.